Villa Colapis

Villa Colapis is located near the centar of town Ozalj and close  to historical castle ˝Stari Grad˝, built on a cliff above emrerald river Kupa. It is the simbol of the town most of all because of the historical importance and the families who ruled the castle throughout the centuires.

Villa Colapis located across Stari Grad Ozalj, is offering complet privacy in a quite street surrounded by forest. It has four floors with open interior design.

Villa colapis opened it's door

from the 2018/2019 season we are ready for you


Two bedrooms are on the fourth floor, kids room is on the third floor. On a second floor we have kitchen, dinning room and two bathrooms. The living room is on the first floor together with the small library and there is an exit towards  an open sitting area and the pool. Together with the house there is a small wellness including sauna, two heating chair,a  treadmill and a shower.

The outside of the house includes private parking. Underneath that is a pool  and wide open sitting area. Beneath that there is an outdoor kitchen , barbecue place and a small playground for the youngest  ones. Villa can accommodate up to 7 people.

Detalji ville


Heating, Air condition, Internet/ Kable TV, Internet Radio, Washing machine, Dryer machine, Outdoor kitchen, Outdoor barbecue, pool, Iron and Iron bord, First Aid kit.

Electric kettel, Toaster, Microwave, Dishwasher, Kitchen utensils, Refrigerator, Electric stove, Baby high chair

Linen, Crib

Shower, Towels, Hair dryer

Sauna, Heated chairs, Treadmill, Refrigerator, Tea set, Shower.

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